Micromachines and Driving microdevices - Laboratory

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Course guardian: MsC Krzysztof Adamski (krzysztof.adamski[et]pwr.edu.pl)

Teachers: Krzysztof Adamski


Laboratory of Micromachines & Driving Microdevices will be conducted in class-room 3/M3.


Materials for students for Laboratory of Micromachines & Driving Microdevices:

Laboratory 1: Mikroprzekładnia - mikrosystem w technologii druku 3D

Laboratory 2: Platforma IMU dla awioniki

Nota katalogowa ADXL335

Nota katalogowa LPY503

Laboratory 3: Różnicowy czujnik ciśnienia - zwężka Venturiego

Laboratory 4: Miniaturowy turbinowy harwester energetyczny jako czujnik przepływu gazu

Laboratory 5: Mikroprzekładnia - charakteryzacja mikrosystemu


Each group will be divided into five sub-groups of 2 or 3 persons each. During classes sub-groups will be realized laboratorial exercises 1 to 5 paralelly.


Students are obligate to prepare reports from classes use of the report template. The printed form of report must be delivered before next classes. To download the report tempalet click chere.