Conferences organized by MEMSLab of Wrocław University of Technology




20th International COMS Conference

Commercialisation of Micro Nano Systems


September 13-16 in Krakow, Poland


Organizing Institutions:
Under the Auspices of:
 The key topics:
  1. Infrastructure – Technology Transfer – Innovation – Commercialisation
  2. Emerging micro/nanotechnologies for health and medical diagnostics and chemistry
  3. Nanotechnologies and additive manufacturing
  4. Work Force Development
  5. Emerging MEMS and NEMS
  6. Internet of Things
  7. Smart Systems
 Keynote speakers:
  1. European electronic strategy, K. Rouhana ("Components & Systems" DG Communications Networks, Content and Technology, European Commission, Belgium)
  2. Polish R&R Policy towards commercialization of high-tech achievements, J. Kątcki (The National Centre for Research and Development, Poland)
  3. Microcommercialization: pitfalls and challenges on this journey, S. Curran (C-Voltaics Inc., USA)
  4. BrontoBytes generated by TSensors, foundation for the abundance and our future, J. Bryzek (eXo, USA)
  5. Development and funding of MEMS and sensors for IoT and mHealth in Japan, S. Kaminaga (SPP Techn., Japan)
  6. Chip-scale atomic devices: miniature precision instruments using atoms, lasers and MEMS, J. Kitching (NIST, USA)
  7. Microchip acoustofluidics enables novel bioanalytical applications and commercial opportunities, T. Laurell (Lund University, Sweden)
  8. 40 years on and microfluidics is now commercial – what took so long?, E. Harvey (miniFAB, Australia)
  9. Industrialization perspectives of chemical sensors, M. Fleischer (Siemens, Germany)



13th NAMIS Workshop

“Micro and Nano Systems”

10-11 September in Wroclaw, Poland
Organizing Institutions:
The key topics:
  1. Smart micro/nanosystems and sensors/actuators network/array
  2. Microfluidics and bio devices
  3. Optical MEMS and metrology
  4. Nano(structured) materials and applications
  5. Micro/nano systems
  6. Medical Sensors
Keynote speakers:
  1. Poland Research activity in Wroclaw University of Technology, A. Dziedzic (Wrocław Univ. Tech., Poland)
  2. Poland High Vacuum MOEMS - a step toward new integrated micro-optical-instrumentation, J. Dziuban (Wroclaw Univ. Tech., Poland)
  3. Poland Multichannel Fluorescence Detection for Lab-On-a-Chip Life-Science Applications, R. Walczak (Wrocław Univ. Tech., Poland)
  4. Poland Metrology and control in/for MEMS/NEMS technology, T. Gotszalk (Wrocław Univ. Tech.)
  5. Lithuania Structured polymers with Ag nanoparticles for biomedical applications, V. Jankauskaite (KUT, Lithuania)
  6. Poland Microsensors and MEMS, technology, wireless systems and their medical application, R. Jachowicz (Warsaw Univ. Tech., Poland)
  7. Ukraine Thermal design system for composite materials, O. Matviykiv (Lviv Univ., Ukraine)


Organizing Institutions:
Under the Auspices of:
The key topics:
  1. Micromachines and MEMS
  2. New sensors concepts
  3. Energy Harvesting – autonomous microsystems
  4. Biological and biomedical devices and systems
  5. Physical and chemical sensors
  6. Gas and humidity sensors
  7. RF MEMS and optical MEMS
  8. Chemical sensors
  9. Microfluidic and micro analytical devices and systems
  10. Wireless sensors networks
  11. Micro and nanotechnologies
  12. Theory, modelling and design
  13. Optical detection in microfluidic devices and systems
Keynote speakers:
  1. Roland Pohle (Siemens AG, Germany)
  2. Hans Koops (HaWilKo PSS, Germany)
  3. Lorenzo Tripodi (Philips Research Europe, The Netherlands)
  4. Jesus M. Ruano-Lopez (Ikerlan, Spain)
  5. Christophe Gorecki (FEMTO-ST, France)
  6. Rafał Walczak (Wrocław University of Technology, Poland)
  7. Piotr Grabiec (Institute of Electron Technology, Poland)
  8. Patric Pons (LAAS, France)
  9. Ulrich Hoefer (Siemens AG, Switzerland)


COE 2012

XII Scientific Conference: Optoelectronic and Electronic Sensors

24-27 June in Karpacz, Poland
Organizing Institutions:
COE 2012a
Under the Auspices of:
COE 2012b
The key topics:
  1. Theory, modeling, design and physical principles of sensors
  2. New materials and technologies for sensors and microsystems
  3. Sensors of physical quantities
  4. Chemical sensors
  5. The biosensors and lab-on-a-chips
  6. Optoelectric sensors and fiber-optic sensors
  7. Microsystems
  8. Sensor networks, transmission systems
  9. Installation, diagnostics and reliability of sensors and microsystems
  10. The use of sensors and microsystems
Keynote speakers:
  1. Koncepcja rozwoju technologii mikro/nanoelektronicznych, Piotr Grabiec (Centrum MINTE w ITE/Warszawa)
  2. Platformy telekomunikacyjne do transmisji danych sensorycznych sieciami komunikacji danych - stan badań i wyzwania, Kamil Staniec